“Her Soulmate”

She was not eloquent,
damn!! still nothing was hidden from him.
He could read her mum lips,
her silence was in dialogue with him.
He could see her tears in those parched eyes,
he could feel her despair.
What her smile had concealed,
he could uncover it layer by layer.
While she was deep like an ocean,
he was the only one to explore her better.
“He is her intimate, her soulmate.”

~ Rooh Writes
©Hrishali Nikkam


“Nyctophilia – Love for Darkness”

The dark of the night always beguiles me,
its tranquility solaces and embraces me.
The gloom is terrifying yet so beautiful,
the silent moon is always winning,
unlike that pale, chaotic day.
The more darker it turns,
I find the brightest stars.

~ Rooh Writes
©Hrishali Nikkam



“Distant Lovers”

Our time zones are different,
but our hearts are not,
they still meet.
Your day is my night,
my day is your night,
my heart beat rhymes with your beat.
Your virtual touch adds magic,
on my body, skin and much beneath.
You are not here, your fragrance is in air
here, there and everywhere.
Insomnia is just a reason,
to in line my night with your day,
and there our love blossom.
I feel you in my every breath,
our hearts are not different,
they still meet, every day and twilight.

~ Rooh Writes
©Hrishali Nikkam




Oh Stranger!! be my time traveller

Oh Stranger!! how I wish to cross our paths and meet you in my journey again,
be my time traveller, meet me in all journeys of past, present and future all again.
Once I was on a journey to discover myself, to find my real self,
to set myself free from all the chains, and then I found yourself.
There you came my dear, stranger!!, I met you during my travel,
may be we were destined to meet to make it the best travel.
The one who was on a similar journey,
the one with whom I could share my journey.
Wanted to explore the new meaning and outlook of life,
wanted to meet new people to see from their viewpoint ‘the life’.
Our eyes met, smiles happened, talks started, thoughts were exchanged,
and there were so many beautiful moments that we gained.
You got me introduced to all my unknowns,
asked me to bring out all my demons.
On one beautiful night during our travel, I was wild and free like never before,
gazing at the starry sky and dancing near the sea shore.
Then for a moment everything came to a halt, when you held my hand,
you kissed it gently and it was like a magic happening from your end.
I felt numb and cold like an ice,
but also felt love in every blink of your eyes.
I knew I couldn’t stop myself falling in love with you,
but I stopped it there, as I was afraid to lose that beautiful stranger in you.
I stopped myself as I knew love would one day fade and turn sour,
I didn’t wanted to mar this alluring, heavenly nameless bond we share.
And then we departed at my destination,
without saying a good bye I left, hoping to meet you soon.
Oh Stranger!! how I wish to cross our paths and meet you in my journeys again,
be my time traveller, meet me in all journeys of past, present and future all again.

(Image Credit: Vivek Dinakar)

~ Rooh Writes
©Hrishali Nikkam



“What is old age?”

‘Old age’ is that cruel phase of life where the kids outgrow their parents’ shoes and think can take decisions related to their parents who are old now. Where they will stay?, who will keep them?, why should only I take their responsibility?, sorry!! I already have so many responsibilities, and this one I can’t handle….like this there are numerous questions and answers ready. And now the senescence becomes the subject of discussion, there those old ones wonder ‘are they their kids?’. The ones for whom they spent their whole life by sacrificing their dreams, needs, wants and what not. With a heavy heart and tears flowing, those ‘tired souls with wrinkles’ realise that they forgot to live their life just to see that today in the family they become the hot topic of debates and arguments, because they are old now. Old enough to become burden, to become forced responsibility of one, kept at small corner of the house and at last to be shown the door of old age home.

~ Rooh Writes
©Hrishali Nikkam



Desires, Dreams and Expectations

It is essential to have a dream. The mind cannot be triggered to work unless the mind knows what will happen when it works and what will be experienced. It needs to enjoy so much that it creates a need and when believed becomes a desire and till it happens creates a vacuum. Yes it is a fantasy and yet since the mind (subconscious) cannot distinguish reality and make believe, it believes as if it is true and now the desire process is set in motion and the synapses start forming and now you have a blueprint in the mind for you to work on.

Now that we have a dream and when we start believing in ourselves and in our dream and t in the power of our mind to get us whatever we want, our mind sees opportunities and ways that was so far out of our conscious mind.

there is a danger now that we start having expectations and when that is not achieved we may tend to be disappointed and out belief systems become limiting beliefs.

Here is a point to consider.

Dreams cannot be achieved. Period. Dreams  are attractions that pull us to where we never thought we could go and then we see opportunities which we never thought existed.  What we get are the outcomes or results which is much much more that what we may have got had we not had a dream, believed and did some thing about it. There is no failure but feedback.

Like in the movies” The peaceful warrior” ” It is the journey that makes the difference not the destination” enjoy the process of what we can do best to get what we dream of and magic seems to happen.

– Dr. Abraham

I need no man’s shoulder to shed my tears…

I held you tight when I was sad, you gave me comfort when I needed it so bad.
You listened to my silent sobs and absorbed all my tears.
When I was happy I kissed you and when I was low I hugged you.
You have witnessed my various emotions, from my tantrums to mood swings.
Yet, you uttered no word when you were ignored.
Still you are always seen happy with that cute smiley.
I know, I know you are lifeless my dear!! Teddy, but you are my bear buddy.
Unlike those stone hearted people you have never torn me apart, and that’s why today you are my story’s main part.

~ Rooh Writes
©Hrishali Nikkam