“Feminism” is all about having equal rights for women as that of men, no less, no more but just equal rights. Those equal rights of which women are deprived from using them since ages. Earlier days women were considered as low, low in strength, low in intelligence, also not capable enough in managing work outside the house. They were only confined to kitchen and four walls of their houses. But that’s not true, they were not given equal rights and opportunities and that’s why their potential was under-utilised and they were seen as low. Feminism is all about fighting for the equal rights for every woman in this society.
Well!! I am a feminist, and that doesn’t mean I hate men. Some people think one being feminist is bad, how can it be bad when we just want our rights, the equal rights and opportunities to show our best potential. But, definitely few feminazis who put men under bad light, and consider them as low makes feminism sound and look bad, which is actually not the motto of feminism. Well this too has to be stopped and changed in our society.
Today women are doing great and progressing in every field, be it education, work, sports, technology etc. If given equal rights they can achieve much more and contribute more to the society as that of men.

~ Rooh Writes
©Hrishali Nikkam



Author: NebHrish

"A. Abraham (MBBS and MD in Dermatology, U.K.)", Doctor by profession and certified Practitioner of NLP by choice and myself "Hrishali. Nikkam (PGDBM in International Business, MATS School of Business)", an entrepreneur in renewable energy solutions, as well working into IT Project Planning and IT Sales share few common interests like writing and have many other interests and hobbies too individually. And that's how we thought to create this blog and share our experiences gained through our learnings, interests and practices by penning down here for you all readers.

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